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Stepping into Christian community and joining the family takes your walk with Jesus to the next level.

We believe when people connect with a loving community they thrive. Our vision is to rebuild and restore people and communities. Our mission is to inspire and empower every generation to impact their world, through spiritual growth, personal development, and compassionate community leadership.
By becoming a partner, you are coming alongside the vision and connecting with the mission. Join the family today as we continue to see Isaiah 58:12 come to pass.


Explore the life of Destiny of Faith Church.


Learn the spiritual journey God has for each us – to thrive through Jesus.


Be empowered through opportunities at Destiny of Faith to live out your purpose and use your gifts serving others.

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We are passionate about serving Jesus and serving people in a spirit of excellence. Everyone has the privilege and responsibility of BEING the church.

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Serve Team

Our serve team powers our weekly services and ministry to people while upholding the mission of our church everyday.

Small Group Team

Our small group team supports the small groups and overall community in the church.

Outreach Team

Our outreach team is intentional about going outside the four walls and looking to meet needs in families and organizations. From connecting with a resident to serving on a board, the outreach team is vital to bringing Christ throughout our community and city.

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New virtual meetups are happening every week!

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