Make plans to begin 2023 in prayer

Our season of seeking - 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting is upon us. Join us this month, January 8 - 29, 2023, as we go deeper in God and seek His will for our lives and our families.

An invitation from
Ken Lazard
, Senior Pastor

There is a New Year with a New You in that New Year. Will you be ready for the New Year that’s waiting on you? There’s a new version God will pull out of you. There’s another version inside of you and in order for you to get there, you need to shift from the old to the new. Join the First Pray experience and watch how God will shift you from the old to the new! I believe in you!

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  • Join us every Sunday at 9AM for In-Person Corporate Prayer
  • Join us every weekday Teaching and Prayer on Facebook Live at 11:30AM
  • Join us every day on our Intercessory Prayer Line by dialing 267.807.9611, access code – 448.023
  • Follow along with our Daily Devotional to guide your prayers for 21 days. Click here to download
  • Make plans for you and your family to attend our First Pray Conference. *Destiny Kids will be open.

Register for the First Pray Conference
January 27 - 29, 2023

Make plans to attend our First Pray Conference weekend. Every year we set aside 21 Days to seek Jesus and the voice of God through prayer and fasting. In 2023, we will end our fast with a Conference weekend.

Our time will be filled with worship, moments to learn, and powerful messages that will push you and your family forward in 2023. There are many things you have in your heart to do in 2023, while they are all important we must FIRST PRAY.

We can't wait to worship with you!