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  • 1900 Cameron Street
  • Lafayette, LA, 70506
  • United States

Nominate your Mother for a chance to be honored during our Mother’s Day Service on Sunday, May 13th. Two Mother’s will win an overnight stay to a local hotel along with a spa package!

How to enter::

Submit a 300 word essay describing how your mom has been an example of a Kingdom Mom by showing you how to overcome life circumstances, by handling rejection, by not remaining a victim of abuse (any form of abuse) and rising in victory.  Rising in faith and not falling in defeat. Illustrate how your mother taught her sons & daughters how to walk with Christ in this life and tell how she encouraged her children to run the race.

Please submit your entry by noon on Wednesday, May 9th.  Submissions can be sent by email to  kingdomwoman2014@yahoo.com or you may drop it in the clear box at the Welcome Center.